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stainless steel zap cap picture
stainless steel zap cap picture

stainless steel zap cap.

stainless steel zap cap picture
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Stainless Steel Zap Cap


Stainless Steel Zap Cap
The new metal zap cap

Steel yourself. Zap Cap has a premium brother.

Just like beer, you can have regular zap cap or new premium stainless steel zap cap.

Some may say super premium.

The new stainless steel zap cap works just like regular zap cap grabbing off caps.

Yet when you hold stainless steel zap cap, you can feel the cool metal and the weight, and it also looks ultra stylish.

There's bags of technology in there like lazer printing which will not wear off and fine tooling to get the balance and feel just right.

Real love and care went into the look of stainless steel zap cap, from the softly brushed finish, to the solidity, to the seamlessness of the metal, and it shows.

So why would you buy stainless steel zap cap?

As a gift which will be used several times a week, maybe everyday, where a regular zap cap is not enough.

As an upgrade for your regular zap cap

Because your premium beer deserves a premium stainless steel zap cap

Just because.

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