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zap cap bottle openers picture
zap cap bottle openers picture

zap cap bottle openers.

zap cap bottle openers picture
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Zap Cap bottle openers

Also see stainless steel zap cap

Zap Cap is The World's Greatest Bottle Opener!
Zap Cap bottle openers work on any crown cap, even twist off! Beer and soda.
1) Set Zap Cap bottle opener on the bottle.
2) Punch it down
3) Remove.
The magnet holds the cap.
Zap Cap bottle openers are an ingenious new invention which removes all crown caps, even twist offs, with a simple punch.
Zap Cap bottle openers. Ideal for bars, restaurants and home, gifts .
Like magic the cap pops off and is held in place by a special magnet for easy disposal.
Zap Cap bottle openers are quite clearly "The World's Greatest Bottle Openers!"

Hands, both young and old, often find it difficult to remove the stubborn crown and twist caps found on beer, soda, water and juices. Using a conventional bottle opener can prove cumbersome and frustrating.

Well, all that will now come to an end. Zap Cap bottle openers easily, and almost by magic, remove crown and twist caps with a simple punch of the hand. You'll never have to struggle with your old bottle opener again!

Zap Cap bottle openers are both fun and easy to use. Simply set a Zap Cap bottle opener atop your bottle, then, while recalling all those frustrated moments you've had trying to remove those stubborn twist and crown caps by hand, give ZapCap bottle opener one good punch down and voila -- soda anyone?

Get one of these Zap Cap bottle openers today.

Also see stainless steel zap cap

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