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water broom with mixer picture
water broom with mixer picture

water broom with mixer.

water broom with mixer picture
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Water broom water sweep
Water broom with mixer

You can now have our classic water broom water sweep with an added feature.

This water broom comes with an extra mixer container

Simply fill with detergent, fertilizer, insecticide, lawn feed or whatever you need to spray mixed with water

The water broom mixes as you spray.

Wash your car, feed your lawn, treat your flowers.

This water broom helps with it all

As well as retaining the water broom water sweep features:

  • turn any garden hose into a 500mph water broom.

  • Quickly sweep away leaves, dirt and debris.

  • Have tough dirt stains disappear in seconds

  • Jet spray easily cleans between cracks.

  • Water Sweep water broom includes on/off control
  • water volume is adjustable

And now have water broom water sweep add detergent etc.

Also available: water broom without mixer.

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