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Price: £6.89

Therm au Rouge pocket warmer


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hand warmers picture Hand Warmers

These hand warmers are a great invention.

Think hand warmer pads filled with a special gel containing a little coin. Play with the coin and the hand warmer heats up.

And stays warm for an hour.

By which time your coat is nice and snug too.

And when you get home, you simply put the hand warmer in boiling water and it recharges, reusable, ready for next time.

Think what else you could do with a hand warmer.

That portable heat comes in handy.

Sooth away muscle tension. Ease pain. Pamper chilled feet and toes.

Whether you are just out and about, walking, sailing, golf, fishing, or watching sport, a hand warmer is valuable.

Children also appreciate the warmth.

Forget "cold hands, warm heart", with your own hand warmer, it's "warm hands, warm heart".

And while you are warm hearted; these hand warmers also make thoughtful, greatly appreciated gifts.

Big picture of hand warmers

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Price: £6.89

Therm au Rouge pocket warmer


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Now : UK Pound

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