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Therm au Rouge


Wine Temperature
With Therm au Rouge

Wine temperature, as a red wine buff will tell you is important

What they may not know is that the rate at which red wine is warmed to the right temperature is also important.

Ace inventor Peter Dunne mulled over the problem of getting wine temperature right without, well, creating mulled wine.

He talked to wine producers and authorities and tasters and eventually gave the world Therm au Rouge.

Forget about trying to get red wine temperature right by guessing and risking your wine near a radiator or in hot water.

Use Therm au Rouge.

Place the wine sleeve around your bottle. Click a metal disc. Controlled heat is time released at the right rate and temperature for your red wine.

The full bouquet and flavour of the red wine is ready for your full enjoyment.

Finally tasting red wine at the right temperature, warmed in the right conditions may be a revelation.

Therm au rouge can be used again and again, by recharging in boiling water. Something you should never do with red wine!

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