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kitchen knife picture
kitchen knife picture

kitchen knife.

kitchen knife picture
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Kitchen Knife

A kitchen knife. Every kitchen needs one really good kitchen knife and, here it is.

As you can see, this kitchen knife is dagger sharp, but it takes more than sharpness to make a good kitchen knife.

Some kitchen knife blades are thin and break easily. this one has a two year warrenty.

Some kitchen knife blades snap. This one is made from a super strong die cast zinc alloy.

Some kitchen knives only have the blade in mind. This kitchen knife recognises that the user holds the handle.

See the wide handle with black slip resisting grip. The kitchen knife rests ideally weighted in your hand and has ridges for extra safety.

Some kitchen knives focus on one task. This kitchen knife has an edge for cutting, a point for fancy work and the manouverability to remove potato blemishes.

So, great, thoughtful design, a two year warrenty and good looks.

Sounds like one really good kitchen knife.

Does your kitchen need one?

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