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handy chef.

handy chef picture
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Handy chef

This multi-purpose handy chef tool is the only "partner" you need in the kitchen!

Handy Chef grabs, turns, whisks and turns over any shape food smoothly with a confident and certain hand!

It is "Handy" alright; it is superbly and efficiently designed to work better than tongs, molding itself around the food, allowing you to hold it tightly and securely with no slipping out.

Handy Chef is fantastic as a spatula; rotate the front so that it forms the perfect angle to slide easily and smoothly under food without catching or tearing.

Just grip it and flip it. You need a mixer? Just press the locking button, and you have a perfect whisk.

Even use it as a great grill tool.

It maneuvers beautifully over and under burgers and veggies.

And it gives confidence to any cook who has a weak grip or arthritic joints because it safeguards against slipping and possible injury.

Grab salads, lift eggs, pull out pickles from jars comfortably and easily; flip chicken breasts and burgers without splattering.

Handy chef is one convenient tool that does it all!

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