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How to use

Q: How do I use this site


Q: Is my credit card secure?
Q: Tell me a little now!
Q: Do you keep my credit card number?
Q: Can I see the security?


Q: How soon will I get my goods?
Q: I want the goods faster
Q: How will I know the goods will be delivered?
Q: But I've heard horror stories about internet deliveries
Q: Still not sure, what guarantees can you give me
Q: Can there be delays?
Q: My goods never arrived


Q: Will I be hassled by junk mailers?
Q: Do you do anything else with my name?
Q: So what will you do with the information?
Q: Can I say OK to this?
Q: Anything else I need know?

I made a mistake ordering!

Q: What do I do?

Other ordering issues

Q: When have I ordered?
Q: I'm having trouble getting my order accepted


Q: Can I pay in my own currency?
Q: You do not have my currency
Q: Will you add my currency?


Q: Any proof I have ordered

You contacted me rejecting my order

Q: Why?


Q: What would you refund?
Q: How do you refund

Tax and Duty

Q: What about tax and duties?

Which legal system

Q: Which legal system covers the contract?


Q: Any guarantees

Anything else?

Q: Well?
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