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1. french fry cutter.

french fry cutter picture click to read more Potato Chipper french fry cutter The french fry cutter: Cuts perfect fries and saves time everytime! Non slip suction base Made of durable ABS plastic Stainless steel 25 hole french fry cutter blade A great gift idea


2. stainless steel zap cap.

stainless steel zap cap picture click to read more Stainless Steel Zap Cap The new metal zap cap Steel yourself. Zap Cap has a premium brother. Just like beer, you can have regular zap cap or new premium stainless steel zap cap. Some may say super premium. The new stainless steel zap cap works just like regular zap cap grabbing off caps. Yet when...


3. wine breather.

wine breather picture click to read more Wine Breather Red wine often tastes better the next day or so. This is because the wine has had a chance to breath. Breathing wine means giving air a chance to get to the wine so that it is oxygenated. The result is that the flinty edge many red wines have is given the chance to be rounded out...


4. nutcracker bottle opener, Nutcracker Bottle Opener, nutcracker bottle opener, kitchenware.

nutcracker bottle opener, Nutcracker Bottle Opener, nutcracker bottle opener, kitchenware picture click to read more Nutcracker bottle opener Nutcracker bottle opener carefully cracks open nutshells without damaging the nut. So you end up with wholenuts rather than little bits. The nutcracker works by applying a wide even all round pressure. This means your nut is controlled and less likely to jump out or...


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