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cheese slicer.

cheese slicer picture
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Cheese Slicer


Cheese Slicer

Shh. This cheese slicer is the secret of the perfect cheese sandwich.

Satisfaction from a cheese sandwich is directly related to texture, which is to do with thickness.

Hack with a knife rather than this cheese slicer, and you get different thicknesses.

Use a wire cheese slicer and there is even less control.

Dragging with the cheese slicer blade gives you ultimate control.

Less pressure on the cheese slicer for delicate, delicious wisps.

More pressure on the cheese slicer for elegant layers.

Cheese slicer paper thin melting cheese on pasta, even cheese slicer slices for a toasted sandwich, delicious thin chunks for topping up a pizza.

All under your direct control with this cheese slicer.

Cheese slicer s elegant operation is more than matched by cheese slicer s elegant looks.

Just look at the super strong die cast zinc alloy body and the black grips.

The cheese slicer also is a quick wash up in the sink and has a two year guarantee..

That's a lot of perfect cheese slicer cheese sandwiches for you to enjoy.

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