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grater slicer grinder picture
grater slicer grinder picture

grater slicer grinder.

grater slicer grinder picture
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Rotary Grater the grater slicer grinder

Grates all kinds of food easily

Fast and efficient the Rotary Grater shaves and grates hard or soft cheese, fruit, vegetables nuts or chocolate.

It's so solid and well designed a grater slicer grinder that it can even be used to grind coffee beans.

Comes with three interchangeable grater slicer grinder stainless steel barrels

  • Made of ultra sturdy plastic
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Not hazardous to fingers
  • Dishwasher safe
Just Insert the barrel corresponding to the desired type of grating or shaving

Then place the food in the receptacle and flip down the handles upper lever.

An you are ready to use your grater slicer grinder

Squeeze with one hand and turn the crank with the other to grate food finely or coarsely or to produce shavings

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