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remote control cars.

remote control cars picture
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Micro XR7 Extreme Racer Silver


remote-control cars
Micro XR Extreme Racer

Yes! we got them.

Those tiny 2in / 5cm remote control cars everyone is talking about.

Genuine Micro XR7 Extreme racer remote control cars, these may just be the smallest remote control cars in the world.

But don't let size fool you, these 2in wonders are fully featured.

Just sqeeze on the trigger on the hand set and the remote control cars go gradually faster, ease off and they slow.

Turn the steering wheel and they respond to the infra red signal.

  • Forward
  • Forward Right
  • Forward Left
  • Reverse
  • Reverse Right
  • Reverse Left

Packed with speed and power, these remote control cars work off a rechargable battery inside the car.

To keep the remote controlled cars zippy, just plug into the controller's rapid charging station and your Micro XR7 Extreme racer is ready to race again.

Challenge yourself weaving your remote control cars between the 5 orange cones supplied. Or for twice the fun race against yellow remote control cars

  • worlds smallest remote control cars ?
  • 2in / 5cm long
  • infra red control
  • rechargable car battery
  • rapid charging
  • 6 way steering
  • speed control trigger
  • 5 orange cones
  • race gainst yellow remote control cars

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