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nature soothing sounds picture

nature soothing sounds.

nature soothing sounds picture
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Natures Soothing Sounds
for nature sounds Sit back, close your eyes, relax to nature sounds....

Nature's Soothing Sounds utilizes digital microchip technology to mimic nature's own tranquilizing sounds to free you from the tension and stress of today's world.

Seven digital microchip nature sounds recordings:

  • Heartbeat
  • Sea waves
  • Brook
  • Birds
  • Woods
  • White Noise
  • Rain

Plus: 60-minute built-in timer so that nature sounds can sooth you to sleep

Powerful 3" Full-Range Speaker with adjustable volume

Volume control

Digital microchip nature sounds recordings mask unwanted noise and help you relax.

Battery operated or DC mains adapter (not included)

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