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We also have accupressure points insoles for men for you

Magnetic insoles for women

Magnetic insoles are a complementary medicine treatment.

The thinking is that accupressure points relating to various parts of your body are on your feet.

If someone grabs the sole of your foot on either side of your heel, slap em, it's connected to the genitals :)

Some of these reflex points are supposed to be linked to major organs and parts of your body,

The magnetic insoles have bumps and ridges moulded on them to massage these areas. Specially chosen accupressure reflex points have magnets on the magnetic insoles lining up with them so that the points are in a magnetic field.

The makers say this is "magnetic therapy" and "therapeutic stimulation".

Some people wear magnetic bracelets and areas like Lourdes are supposed to have high magnetic fields, so there's some anecdotal evidence that it may be helpful.

There are also practitioners who manupulate the sole for health benefits and they seem to make a living :)

The magnetic insole makers have suggestive references to all sorts of parts of the body, the underlying message being it "could or may help" with anything from back ache, to gut trouble, to circulation, sex drive, eyes or anything to do with the various organs.

More down to earth, the magnetic insoles act like regular insoles making your feet more comfortable.

Also you may notice aches in the middle of the front of your sole, which are quite common. This is often from walking on flat floors and there is a bump on the insoles which is placed so that the magnetic insoles could help with this.

Hopefully this describes the possible benefits of magnetic insoles without the medical establishment coming down on us like a ton of magnetic insoles :)

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