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fan vacuum flashlight.

fan vacuum flashlight picture
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3 in 1 tool kit


Fan vacuum flashlight
The office or bag survival kit.

There`s little space in a bag or office drawer.

This handy gadget makes the most of it. A battery operated mini fan, a computer vacuum cleaner and emergency flashlight. Interchangable tools attaching to one unit.

Battery operated mini fan

We`ve all envied people with a battery operated mini fan when the weather is hot or there is no air conditioning.

People walk with their battery operated mini fan or use them at their desks.

Pure bliss.

Now you can have your own battery operated mini fan.

Computer vacuum cleaner

It`s easy to drop a few crumbs on your keyboard.

And with a computer vacuum cleaner easy to clean up.

You work hard and so does the computer vacuum cleaner.

You deserve to have a crumb free keyboard.

Carry your computer vacuum cleaner in your bag.

Then if when visiting you drop a few crumbs, there`s no embarrassing trying to brush with your hand.

Just quickly whip out your computer vacuum cleaner and you are done.

Emergency flashlight.

We never know when power can fail and it makes sense to have an emergency flashlight in your desk or bag.

Less seriously, bulbs can go in cupboards or fuses blow.

Having an emergency flashlight handy shortens the emergency.

So a pure bliss battery operated mini fan, a handy computer vacuum cleaner and a sensible emergency flashlight.

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