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cake cutters.

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Cake cutters

We all need cake cutters because we have all been there

The classic caker cutters moment. There is a yummy cake, and you try to serve it.

Oh oh.

There is a biscuit or merangue or solid layer inbetween cream or jelly and you can't get through or the pressure of your slicing is making the cake squish.

That's why the cake cutters were invented. The solution is simplicity itself. Place a serrated knife like edge along one side of the cake cutter so it can cut.

Make the cake cutters from super strong die cast zinc alloy, so they are not flimsy and won't bend when cutting or serving.

Then make them washable in warm soapy water so that the gooiest cakes make the easiest cleanup.

If you enjoy layered cakes with different textures you need one of these cake cutters.

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