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3 Large microfibre Cloths


We also have microfiber cloth set of 1 optical, 2 12 x 12, 1 16 x 16and microfiber optical cloth

Micro Fiber Miracle Cloth
Super Size 3 pack

Do you clean with costly paper towels and chemicals? Throw them away. Now there's MicroFiber, the miracle cloth so powerful, it sucks up dirt like magic using water alone.

Cleaners are loaded with chemicals, but MicroFiber alone cuts through soap scum, eliminates watermarks, and polishes chrome to a shiny finish.

Keep your windows streak free with MicroFiber using water alone.

Ordinary cloths leave dirt behind, but MicroFiber has more than 90,000 fibers per square inch so it lifts, absorbs, and holds the dirt like a powerful magnet. It won't let go until you wash it.

Ordinary sponges just push the dirt around. But MicroFiber devours every particle like magic. Now shine every surface without scrubbing. No streaking, no smearing, just spotless surfaces in seconds.

MicroFiber is so absorbent; it holds seven times its weight. Amazing!

Three 16 x 16 Super Size MicroFiber Cloths

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