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car accident reports kit picture
car accident reports kit picture

car accident reports kit.

car accident reports kit picture
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Car Accident Report Kit

What would you do in a car accident?

After making sure everyone involved is OK and checking the damage, there's the worry of car accident insurance claims.

If you are unlucky the police may find your car accident suspicious, and you could go to court.

Both courts and insurers want evidence. The police have all the power of the state behind them. Where's your evidence of what really happened in that car accident?

This Car Accident Report Kit contains information for the UK law and the tools to record your car accident

Just place in your boot and forget, then if there is a car accident you are prepared. At the least it is likely to save hassle with the insurance company, it may save your job, even save you from going to prison or being heavily sued for all you own.

Better get one for each car today.

If you have already had a car accident it may not be too late to go back and record the scene, as tire marks, view lines and distances are all evidence.

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